It Starts with YOu.

After the last few years and what we are still enduring as business owners, one thing that’s for certain amongst all this uncertainty, is that connection is key. We are all craving it! Not only to surround ourself with uplifting and like minded individuals to brainstorm latest ideas; but to feel like we’re in this together, supporting each other on this journey.

More than ever, connections are going to be essential for business, not only for our own feel good factor, but for collaborations, partnerships and generating clients too. One thing’s for sure, the more people can relate to you and your mission, the more you are going to grow. People want to feel a connection with those they are buying from.

the power of visuals

You can create connection in numerous ways but by far one of the most impactful is through your images. There are so many stats and science as to why… here are some for starters:

Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster by our brains than text.

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.

Pictures say a thousand words.

Your visuals are going to be the first thing your audience sees. Within just 7 seconds people will make their first impression of you, based on what they see. Your images will be the deciding factor as to whether they stop and read more or scroll on past. It’s therefore imperative they create that connection with your ideal clients, at every part of their customer journey.

Just how do you do that? We will show you the step by step process to create images that connect and convert. And, it all starts with connecting with you!

Connection is the first part of our triple C Method. Our signature system to connect, capture and captivate with brand images that are not only stunning but grow your business.

There are three parts to Connect:

✨ Connect with you, your personality your values

✨ Connect with your brand stories

✨ Connect all the dots to create your unique experience

Connecting with You

In this blog we will focus on the first part of the connection elements

The starting point to connecting with you is defining your Personal Brand Identity. This is so important to establish as it is the foundation for all that you do. It’s the core values that shape your business and the essence of what you stand for. It will determine how you show up in all your messaging and are perceived. It will impact on your brand colours, brand stories to share; and ultimately your brand images; so it’s definitely worth spending some time to consider

The simplest and most effective approach is to think of 5 key words that best describe you, your brand and values. They could centre on your beliefs, how you work or what makes you unique and special. They are most likely the words that are going to be front of mind so try not to overthink it. As you and your brand evolves, these key words may change too so really feel into what feels good right now and for what you want to achieve.

Ask yourself a few questions:

What do I want to be known for?

What Impact do I want to make?

What are my values and beliefs?

As an example, my key words are Freedom, Natural, Positive, Intuitive and Joy. These are the foundations to my brand, and influence all that I do. Here’s some inspiration that you may find useful too. Which words jump out at you?

Once you have your keys words aka your Personal Brand Identity, you may want to create some one liners to add context. This can be really useful to support your clarity of message and share with your audience too. Just another way to show how relatable you are to your ideal client. Here’s one I prepared earlier
The next step in the process is your brand colours which will be influenced by your Personal Brand Identity. Your brand colours, in turn will impact on your choice of location, outfits and props for your brand images. Read all about it in our blog: The Colour of You

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