creating your brand COLOURs.

Colours are so powerful with the emotions they can evoke. These emotions then play an important part in our decision making, particularly when it comes to consuming. Colour psychology looks at how colour influences our behaviour and the impact different colours can make. For example, blue can make you feel safe and secure whilst green encourages harmony. Orange creates enthusiasm whilst red can enhance your appetite. It’s no coincidence that you’ll often find dentist surgeries painted blue and many brands like Facebook, JP Morgan and American Express basing their branding on this colour of trust. All so fascinating.

In business, colour becomes significant for your brand and marketing as it can influence how you are perceived, whether your ideal clients connect with you and ultimately consumers’ buying decisions. It’s therefore key to understand the impact different colours can have when deciding which are right to represent you


They say so much about you and your brand it’s important to take time to consider which colours are right for you. Most people are unaware of the impact of colour as it can be very subtle. It’s definitely something you can use to your advantage though when you know the basics.

Your brand colours will be heavily influenced by your Personal Brand Identity. This is your core values and the essence of you and your business. Please check out our earlier blog ‘The Magic of Connection’ HERE if you would like some direction in establishing yours.


When you have your Personal Brand Identity you can start to identify your brand colours. Based on your key words you can see the colours that are important to you and your brand. Use the colour chart here to match your words to the colour meaning.

Colours and their meaning

We would recommend starting with 2 or 3 hero colours with an additional one or two colours that you can use to compliment your palette. Often these secondary colours can be darker or lighter tones of your hero colours to support and add depth.

This will be a base, a starting point from which you can evolve and develop your palette further as there are many shades and combinations that you can consider. Once you have an idea of the core colour, consider the intensity of colour that is appropriate for you:

Pastel shades will be complimentary colours which signify calm and softness. Vivid shades will add contrast suggesting excitement and vibrancy

Here’s my brand colours by means of an example. My Personal Brand Identity key words are Freedom, Positive, Fun, Natural and Intuitive which you can see feature through my colour choice combination.

The hero colours work well in their own right but the neutral colours compliment and create more options. Within the hero colours the yellow is an accent colour which we use to highlight key messaging. On our website it is the colour of our buttons to take action and in our marketing it is used to highlight key words. 

Have some fun with this! It can take time to find a combination of shades that work for you but your core values and key words are a great place to start. You can also take inspiration from colours that you love or pictures you are drawn to. Even how you have decorated and accessorised a room in your house. Whilst I knew green and yellow were always going to be part of my palette, finding the right shades was inspired by the green of one of my favourite tops and the yellow of sunflowers. Trust me when you see the right combination, you will know it’s the one for you


There are some great tools available to give ideas and help with your colour selecting:

Pinterest can be a great source of inspiration. Simply search for the combinations of colours you have selected to see visuals of colour palettes and additional colour options. You can also create a secret board of your ideas is also a fantastic website to see which colour combinations work for you. You can import images and the website will pick up the colours which you can then use as a base for your palette. It’s a great idea to screen shot inspiration from Pinterest or other sources, or take photos of items that you like so you have a great starting point. This website will also give you the Hex Codes which you will need to replicate your colours across your website and graphic design tools such as Canva

Enjoy generating your colours!

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