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is less than a goldfish!

hook your audience

With your winning visual strategy that not only engages but entertains them. The best way to do this? With images that stop the scroll and evoke emotion. Images that share your true story making you relatable and real. Images that build relationships of trust and make you the obvious choice.

Not sure where to start or don’t feel ready for your brand shoot? These services are for you. From Brainstorming power hours to modular workshops and programmes, here we bridge the gap so you can ditch the selfies and stock images to go pro.


get brand shoot ready in 30 days

Put SASS into your Shoot

This exciting programme consists of 4 modules. All key elements to your brand shoot. Master these and you will create brand images that are powerful for you and your business. 

These modules can be taken individually to focus on core areas you need support with; or as a group programme for maximum impact

Put SASS into your shoot:

Starting with brand foundations

Attracting ideal clients with your stories

Setting the scene for your shoot

Showcasing you with confidence

Start with Brand Foundations

This module gives you all you need to create your brand foundations

✔️Brand Identity

✔️Brand Colours

With these established you can have confidence in creating brand images that consistently showcase the essence of you and what you do


Attract Ideal Clients with your Stories

Your brand stories are where you can really define your difference and why you are the obvious choice. It’s where you can be relatable and real to build trust with your audience, attract the right people and equally important, repel those that aren’t right for you

Establish your 

✔️Work Brand Stories

✔️Lifestyle Brand Stories

✔️Passion Brand Stories

to share who you are and how you will guide people to the solution they need

Set the Scene for your Shoot


To ensure you create the perfect brand  images for you, it’s important to plan the key elements. In this module we will show you how to pull out all the STOPPS to design your personal blueprint






✔️Shot List

With this plan in mind you can then go with the flow and be in the moment to shoot away

Showcase You with Confidence

You’ve ticked all the boxes for your shoot. Now it’s about getting YOU Brand Shoot Ready. Whether you are camera shy or not, this module is full of tips and tricks for you to enjoy the shoot and create the best images by being your best self

Be confident with your brand shoot with top tips

✔️Before the shoot

✔️Shoot day!



Individual Modules £97 (including 1:1 session)

Full Programme of all 4 modules £333

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THE visual strategy session

brand brilliance brainstorm

Our Signature Approach

Tap into our visual expertise through this 1:1, online, interactive power hour. You will not only get a fresh pair of eyes seeing your marketing from a customer’s point of view; but a strategy of actions to improve your brand presence

How it Works

1 – Register your interest on the linked page and select your time slot. Make payment and complete the form within page.

2 – Complete the Brand Photography Scorecard for further insights. Takes just 2 minutes

3 – Enjoy your Brand Brilliance Brainstorm call with Kier

4 – Receive your personal report and any recommended guides from us to support you

5 – Take the action and monitor your measures


£145 for 60 minute power hour, personalised report, guides and blueprints to support you 

THE brand photography membership

📸 shoot

Group Brand Shoot Sessions

Create regular, seasonal imagery with this membership

✔️ Select 6 sessions from a wide variety of London locations, themes and dates

✔️ Each session will be an hour with up to 4 people

✔️ You will have a number of images and styles to select your favourites

✔️ Attend online ‘Shoot Surgeries’ to ask your questions

✔️ Build confidence in front of the camera with group encouragement and support

Unseen to Unstoppable Community

Surround yourself with like minded business owners. Get to know each other before the shoot through the facebook group and online sessions. Be part of a community of people growing with brand photography

Get Brand Shoot Ready Resources

All the support you need with online Shoot Surgeries, monthly workshops and countless resources in the members vault


£75 pcm for 6 brand photo shoots across 12 months

5 images per brand shoot

Save £150 with the annual price of £750

Book your slot now for launch in January 

take the quiz!

Find out your brand photography score and where you may want to focus your attention to make improvements to your visual strategy

Are Your visuals working for your business?

Your brand images are a powerful tool to attract your ideal clients, grow you and your business.

Are your visuals making the right impact for you?

" I had shied away from social media and photos for so long, but was keen to make an impact, and I just knew Kier was the one to help me! We had several virtual chats, and I worked through Kier's pre-shoot workbook which helped me identify and align my values and brand. Kier then designed a wonderful photo shoot. It was so much more fun than I anticipated, even on the hottest day of the year. We had a great day, the photos are amazing and we are now firm friends. I can't recommend her highly enough"



" I'm so glad I chose Kier to produce my brand images. Right from the beginning nothing was too much trouble. I loved the planning process as it really got me digging deep into the mood I wanted my images to capture for my website and social media posts - Just one particular image alone brought over 100 new followers to my brand. The follow up and additional support has also been amazing. Kier's warm and friendly approach helped ease my nerves on day, and the initial investment is still reaping benefits for me now. 5 star service without a doubt!



"Kier provides an amazing brand photography experience. From the intro call to the final delivery of the images, she provided a professional, accessible and brilliant service. I would 100% recommend working with Kier for a photo shoot that feels like a series of chats and laughs with an old friend, but that produces high quality and amazing images "



NOW it’s your turn!

Starting with a Connection Call to see what’s right for you


Kier Adair is an International personal brand photographer and visual strategist,

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