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“Fuelling Profitability & Growth For The UK Building Industry”

We work with business owners, leaders, entrepreneurs and investors within the UK Building Industry to unlock their hidden profit potential.

the brief

Keith’s business was expanding quickly and he was keen to elevate his presence with professional images that showed him to be the expert he is. He also had a plan to build his visibility not only through his social media but PR and becoming an author where he knew brand images would be key.

His brand identity centres on professionalism, integrity, trust, honesty, being open and doing the right thing. For his core business of profit generating and cost saving, attention to detail is important too. His brand stories and images needed to reflect these aspects as well as his expertise in procurement, love of writing and both personal and professional development. Also important was his brand story of being a family man, creating a better life for them through his business success.


 Impressions on posts increased by 43% when using brand images compared to previous posts without.

Keith has since appeared in numerous articles including Forbes, LA Weekly, Fox Daily Post and Digital Journal. He is consistently visible creating many visual assets with his brand images as the foundation. He has found them to be ‘game changer’ for writing articles, using across different social channels and being taken more seriously.


“Who knew brand photography could be so much fun!? Kier was a true professional from start to finish, and those points are a lot further away from the actual day shoot that I appreciated.

The preparation that Kier puts in (which you should really engage in for maximum impact) is very diligent. The shoot itself was therefore a dream and Kier has a brilliant way of capturing you when you are at your most natural.

The only challenge was choosing at the end from the vast array of fabulous images, but I got there in the end.

Do not underestimate the impact professional photography can have on your brand and business, and then just choose Kier!!”

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Kier Adair is an International personal brand photographer and visual strategist,

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