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Creating visual assets to reflect her brand

Minimalist brand shoot image
Minimalist brand shoot image



Taking his visibility to the next level



Building a business of purpose with images to share her story

Minimalist brand shoot image



Launching her rebrand with authority



Creating visuals to fulfil her dreams

Minimalist brand shoot image



Starting out with images showing her to be the expert

" I had shied away from social media and photos for so long, but was keen to make an impact, and I just knew Kier was the one to help me! We had several virtual chats, and I worked through Kier's pre-shoot workbook which helped me identify and align my values and brand. Kier then designed a wonderful photo shoot. It was so much more fun than I anticipated, even on the hottest day of the year. We had a great day, the photos are amazing and we are now firm friends. I can't recommend her highly enough"



" I'm so glad I chose Kier to produce my brand images. Right from the beginning nothing was too much trouble. I loved the planning process as it really got me digging deep into the mood I wanted my images to capture for my website and social media posts - Just one particular image alone brought over 100 new followers to my brand. The follow up and additional support has also been amazing. Kier's warm and friendly approach helped ease my nerves on day, and the initial investment is still reaping benefits for me now. 5 star service without a doubt!



"I had the absolute pleasure of meeting and working with Kier on my business brand photo shoot. Kier is so personable and she put me at ease right from the start. Like many of us, I’m not keen on having my photo taken and I was unsure what to expect. I needn’t have worried because the experience was wonderful and the photos outstanding! Kier captured the very essence of Polly Bloom"



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Kier Adair is an International personal brand photographer and visual strategist,

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