The power of props.

You have a brand you’re proud of with a clear identity and colours (if not, feel free to check out the blogs The Magic of Connection and The Colour of You) Now you may be thinking what next! Just how do I bring it to life and create images that I’m proud of too?

There are several pieces to this jigsaw puzzle covering everything from location and outfits to shoot style and format….We’ll be taking each one in turn to give you some top tips through this series of blogs. Here it’s all about…


Props are simply items that you can use in a photo shoot to add to your image. They are a fantastic way to bring context and depth to your brand photos, as well as tell your stories. They are brilliant for adding fun too and can often help create that scroll stopping image we all want, especially as you can get so creative with them.

Props can also reinforce your brand colours in a way that is subtle and stylish. This is really key when creating your bank of brand images where you want a consistent thread running through them so people can easily identify you and your brand.

So where to start? The list is endless but the simplest approach is to think about the items you use in the scenario you are wanting to capture. With brand images you really want to show your audience the real you and how you do you, so they can relate to you. Props are just a part of this.

For example, Sally who is an energy consultant, has all the tools she uses in her consultations including branded pen, paperwork and mobile phone (or laptop when shown with clients). You can clearly see from these images what it would be like to work with this business women and the props make it very realistic

Colours and their meaning

Here’s me having some fun with props for my brand images. A camera, of course, is a key part of my images. You can also see me in my brand consultations where a business brand book, diary and pencil (in brand colours) all help to set the scene. You’ll often see that I use nature too as a ‘prop’ whether that’s a tree or grass as that’s a key part of my brand.


To get you started, here’s some ideas which relate to different brand stories you may want to capture. This is just the beginning, without even thinking about clothing and accessories as props! So you can see, the options are endless and there’s lots of opportunities to have fun with this!

Once you have identified the props that will bring your images to life, next step is to consider how you can use them in your brand colours to create that consistent look and feel. You will probably find by default you already have lots of items in the correct colours for you. If not, it’s easy and inexpensive to achieve with items like notebooks, pens, mugs, water bottles and even phone cases.

Need more ideas? Love this inspired choice of a lightbulb from our energy consultant Sally. It really is great to think out of the box and use your props to create images that make you stand out for your difference.

You can also create place holder brand images instead of stock images with your own props. Whether that’s artistic close ups or flat lays (photos taken from a birds eye view). they use a collection of props that tell your stories without anyone’s face in the frame. They are great in welcome posts for example or to add variety into your bank of images. In these cases it’s great to leave some blank space for your headlines and marketing messages.

Now it’s your turn to get creative with bringing your brand to life. Enjoy!

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