Sharing you and your message with impact.

Brand image on a mission, a bold title we know, but one absolutely fitted for this style of brand image. The combination of you as the face of your business and your marketing message is the winning formula that stops your audience in their tracks.

Intrigued? Here we will introduce the principles of this image and just why it is one of the best approaches to getting your message heard. We will also share some of the best applications of this image


This style of brand image, like any other visual for your business, must reflect you, your values and brand stories. They are most effective in landscape format and by applying the rule of thirds. This rule creates a composition which is very pleasing to the eye and means you are positioned off centre, generating space on the other side for your marketing message.

This space is often called negative space; but we prefer to term it superhero space as you can fill it with your messaging in your brand font and colours to really take your audience on a consistent journey, building trust and your relationship.

These images can be created either on location as part of a series of brand images or against a blank wall. Both are equally effective


Don’t you love the science bits!

One of the reasons these images are so effective is because they follow the rule of thirds. As humans, we love patterns and 3 is one of our favourites as it is the smallest number in patterns. You may have noticed when reading 3 points, it’s really effective; or seeing triangles in pictures helps focus our eyes on a key point. Here this composition works as we can clearly concentrate on the third where we are positioned. This can be the left or right.

The other aspect to consider is that human nature is to first see the person in an image. We will then look where that persons eyes are looking. So a trick when you are creating this image is to look at the ‘superhero space’ where your message will be written. So in effect, directing your audience to read your messaging in your visuals.

how to use brand images on a mission


Got something to say? Natural expressions are a fantastic and eye catching way to get your message across. Full of personality and fun, the possibilities are endless. Here’s just a few examples where you can see the potential to add your message:

One of the best ways to stop the scroll is to show emotion. These images are a brilliant way to do this as they showcase your expressions and message in a fun and personal way. The more natural and in the moment they can be, the better, as your marketing will be even more relevant and relatable.

The best approach is to find a neutral back drop that is brand appropriate. The focus will then be on you with plenty of space to place your text too. It’s a great idea to plan what sort of expressions would be useful to signpost your content. Happy, sad, thoughtful, excited, surprised? Is there something you do a lot in your mannerisms that’s personal to you? Do you have a 3 step process it would be good to visualise? There are millions of options so consider what’s right for your brand and messaging.


The foundation to any good image is story telling and that is no different with this format of brand image. They are highly effective at bringing your story to life and showing the values of what you do.

Key to your story telling is first ensuring your brand foundations are in place – your core values, identity and colours which will all play a part in your image. Then it’s considering which brand stories are key to your business. Stories which share how you can guide your clients to the solution they are looking for and show what it’s like to work with you.

The most effective images for this are those capturing your lifestyle with you doing what you do, where your audience can imagine spending time with you. The more natural the better as you are relatable and real! You will find you then have a bank of visuals where you can add lots of different headlines to work with your content. These are especially effective with carousels too


A picture says a thousand words. What better way to bring your essence and values to life than create a visual which tells your story, your mission and shares your values.

The brand image on a mission is a perfect way to do this.

Do you have a mission statement or phrase that you use a lot in your marketing? Do you have quotes or things you say in your content, on your website or communication?

These statements can be wonderful in visuals that really portray your essence. Here’s some examples that are key elements of each of the brands shown.

For Paula at Polly Bloom, as a Divorce and Separation Coach to show the significance of the beautiful quote “I used to hope you’d bring me flowers, now I plant my own”. For Sally, an Energy Consultant who really captures your attention with how she can help you. For Nikki, the power of walk and talks with clients to make financial decisions easier. And for us, the importance of it is so much more than getting shot!


Brand images on a mission are perfect for creating a customer journey that is consistent and on brand. Not only is the image capturing you and your essence, but the space for your messaging also allows you to reinforce your brand with elements such as your colours, fonts and logo.

These visuals can then become your ‘headliners’ whether it’s your website banner, facebook page header, or opening to your landing pages and emails, you can show up consistently.

This is important not only to get your brand messaging and personality across; but also to become recognisable and familiar, all of which helps you cut through the noise.


Offers and promotions are a key part to most businesses marketing strategy. Using the brand image on a mission concept you can create visuals that are not only impactful but look great as part of your portfolio of visuals as they are still on brand.

Using eyecatching elements and the colour that pops most from your brand colours, you can grab attention whilst maintaining a sophisticated and value driven look

As you can see, the brand image on a mission is a must for every business to showcase your story and have the opportunity to market consistently and effectively. If you’d like help creating yours, whether that’s establishing your story or just how to bring it to life in your images, Let’s chat! Creating these images are one of our most favourite things to do, especially seeing the huge difference they can make to you too

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