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"we rise by lifting others"

Robert Ingersoll

Adventurer, explorer, lover of nature now full of gratitude that I get to live a life with a business of purpose. The best bit? My photography passion married with my years of experience in my corporate world of branding, marketing and customer journey. Who knew they would give me brilliant foundations for all I now do!

I’m not just any photographer. I’m one driven by passion, insight and intuition to see things differently, to show you how to thrive. I’m bringing the science to the art to create images that are not only stunning, but that convert.

As a mum of a spirited young lady, I have a huge why and reason to serve you, showing her what’s possible when you follow your dreams, making this favourite quote of mine a reality 

i hear you, i see you, i've got you!


I’ve been there. I was the one volunteering to take the picture so I didn’t have to be in it. I actually discovered my love for photography this way. I’ve also been the one hiding and lurking on social media until I realised I had to get out of my own way to make the impact I wanted to. I’ve learnt so much on my journey to now walk my talk and share with you how you can do it too. There’s nothing better than having images you’re proud to share, especially when you’ve never before enjoyed being photographed or images you like of yourself. With our unique Triple C Signature approach you will be amazed how brilliant the experience can be.

It’s so much more than a photograph!

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I am an intuitive photographer who loves catching people at their best, in the moment. It’s so fulfilling seeing people feel at ease in front of the camera, having fun with it so their natural energy shines through. We stand out from the crowd by showing and embracing our true selves. I’m here to empower you to see and be your own story so that those that need to see you will. It’s about capturing the essence of you, naturally and in tune with you. I won’t spend time posing you like a model to look like everyone else. Instead I will make you feel amazing, confident and proud to be you. Proud to be seen for your difference and the expert you are.

Let’s bring out your joy and create something magical together

fun facts about me...

Fun with brand photography


✨ At the age of 19 I jumped on a plane and travelled 36 hours to New Zealand with my back pack, camera and notebook. I bungy jumped off Skippers Canyon and had the time of my life at a time before mobile phones and internet

✨ You will often see me out and about with my family on my micro scooter, doing my bit to get fit but loving more the wind in my hair and feeling like a child again!

✨ My favourite film is Sliding Doors. I have to get the tissues out every time!

✨ My daughter is named after a tin of paint (not the flower as most people think!). She is affectionately known as J although also answers to Jassy D as she’s now a sassy tweenager

✨ I met my partner at salsa dancing and then became his ‘Debbie Mcgee’ as he taught, showing the ladies their steps and styling

✨ I studied ecology and researched my dissertation in Costa Rica which was incredible. So a scientist at heart but also love all the creativity in what I do


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Kier Adair is an International personal brand photographer and visual strategist,

passionate about empowering you to be seen for the expert you are


London, UK


(+44) 07710146780