it's more than a photo!

Brand images are an essential part of your visual tool kit to engage your audience, build that all important know like and trust, and share your story. Professional photos will not only support your marketing but showcase you as the expert and someone people can have confidence in. 

There are so many places brand images are a key component. Many may be obvious to you… but, have you considered them all and just how important a bank of brand images is? Here we’ll share the top 20 scenarios, in no particular order….

1 – PR and MEDIA COVERAGE – ready to get visible? Your press pack will require professional, high quality brand imagery

2 – BOOK LAUNCH – becoming an author or launching a new book? Images of you are required for both the book and promotion of it

3 – SPEAKING ON STAGE – it’s essential your imagery is current and looks like you in all the marketing so you appear the same, when you are on stage

4 – GUEST SPEAKING IN GROUPS – as above, the audience will trust and resonate with you when you appear as they expect from the promotional material. Your host will ask you for a bio and image which needs to be current and professional

5 – PARTNERSHIPS AND COLLABORATIONS – brand images are important for other people to be able to promote you professionally and showcase you as a valued partner as the expert in your niche. You want to stand proud with others, showcasing their professional image too

6 – PRESENTATIONS – keep you audience engaged and entertained with visuals that tell the story of your message and content. Pictures say a 1000 words so let your visuals do some of the talking for you!

7 – EVENTS AND SHOWS – pop up banners, brochures and leaflets can all be useful tools when exhibiting at events. For people to remember you later on, brand images of you as the face of your brand will be key to include in your promotional material

8 – WEBSITE – your shop window for your audience to see your messaging and start building a relationship. High quality images are critical to give a first impression that is professional and shows you’re the expert. They are key in sharing your story and how you help people too across your home, about and service pages

9 – MARKETING AND PROMOTIONS – every time you market yourself there’s an opportunity to increase your brand awareness and immersion for people to build know like and trust with you until they are ready to buy. The best way to do this? Ensure your imagery is consistent, on brand and professional so your story is always being reiterated in your marketing material whether it’s brochures, posters, graphics, online or printed.

10 – SOCIAL MEDIA – there are so many applications for brand images to show up consistently with your message on social media. From your welcome in your profile and banners to stills in your post. From reels, show reel videos and carousels to GIFs, brand images are at their foundations.

11 – EMAIL MARKETING – from headline banners to images within the email to showcase your stories, visuals are important to keep your readers engaged

12 – FUNNELS AND SALES PAGES – just as with social media and other marketing channels, it’s the visuals that will grab the attention of the readers and encourage them to move through your pages to the call to action. It is essential they look and feel the same as your other touch points to reinforce your brand and build trust with your audience

13 – LEAD MAGNETS – whether you’re creating an ebook, pdf or checklist, visuals will be key to bringing it to life. For many this could be the first piece of authority content they are seeing, so important to make a great impression to encourage them to take the next step with you

14 – ARTICLES AND BLOGS – it’s proven that visuals relating to your content increase the viewing of your piece. The more on brand and reflective of your personal message, the more they will resonate with the reader and support your story

15 – ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS – whichever channel you are using from billboards and print to online vehicles, your images will be what gets them seen and be memorable

16 – E COMMERCE – shopping online is all about the image. The more appealing your products or services appear, the more people will be attracted to buy them. Professional images will also give buyers confidence that they are buying into a strong brand

17 – NEW PRODUCT LAUNCHES – here brand images can not only showcase the features and benefits of the product but also sell the lifestyle and transformations they bring

18 – REBRAND – whenever a businesses brand is refreshed, new brand images will be key to support the new brand identity and colours. Your visuals are an essential part of your branding and consistency is key

19 – REPLACING STOCK IMAGES – anywhere in your business where stock images are being used there’s an opportunity to improve your brand immersion. Having your own brand versions will show you are truly invested in standing out for your values. Unfortunately stock images are easily recognisable and used by hundreds of others so your message and impact is diluted

20 – ORGANISATION TEAM IMAGES – having professional brand images of all your team members will show a unified and strategic set up giving authority to your company

Amazing hey, just how many uses there are for brand images! Look how easy it is to get a return on your investment and the time you will save having professional images to hand! Not only that, images that you actually like and feel proud to share!

Have you got them all covered?

If you have any of these on your to do list or are upcoming, don’t get caught out with requests for professional images that you don’t have! Why not get ahead of the game and create them now, whether it’s a bank of brand images to tell your story or headshots to promote yourself professionally. Either way, to grow your business, brand images are no longer a nice to have, but are essential.

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